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Award-winning platforms, cloud networking solutions for next-generation data centres and cloud networks.

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Who is Arista Networks?

Arista Networks is the leader in building software-defined, open networks for today’s data centre, Web 2.0, and cloud computing environments. Arista’s award-winning platforms, ranging in Ethernet speeds from 10 to 100 gigabits per second, redefine scalability, agility and resilience.

Arista puts the agility of public cloud inside your data centre

Arista products are the building blocks of many modern clouds; for the Cloud Titans, Services Providers, Specialist Cloud providers, Financial and High Tech Enterprises. Arista offers a broad portfolio of Gigabit Ethernet solutions including 1,10 and 40 GbE switches that redefine network architectures, bring extensibility to networking and dramatically change the price/performance of data centre networks.

Over 40,000 customers globally use Arista’s Products and Solutions. Arista’s Arista 7280R Series Switches - high-speed network switches are used in high-frequency trading applications for their wire speed performance, ultra-low latency and high reliability.

Arista’s products are used for critical network upgrade to overcoming bandwidth, space and power challenges.

Partnering with Arrow and Arista Networks

Arrow is a leading distributor for Arista Networks in the UK and Ireland.

Arrow ECS and Arista Networks offer commitment, expertise and knowledge to channel partners through a wide range of unmatched support services:

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Arista EOS® is the world’s most advanced network operating system which provides cloud networking solutions for next-generation data centres and cloud networks.

The Arista cEOS value-proposition brings more software control to the network infrastructure and enables:

  • Customers can develop and test their own applications in containers and then run those same applications in a common container environment on the switches.
  • Customers can simulate large networks by running many instances of cEOS in a containerised server or cloud environment.
  • Flexible platform support. With cEOS running on top of a container runtime environment, the customer now has the flexibility to choose the underlying platform infrastructure, including their own Linux distribution and hardware platforms from third parties.
  • Joint development integration. Many open networking environments rely on containers, and they can benefit from the advanced features of cEOS. For example, Microsoft’s SONiC project leverages cEOS as a way to integrate EOS features into the SONiC stack.

Arista Ethernet switches are the perfect network solution for your most demanding workloads.

The Arista 7500R Series is a revolutionary family of high density Spine platforms with programmable support for over 2 million routes, unprecedented 100GbE density and large table sizes with investment protection. Arista delivers the most efficient and best performing 10Gb Ethernet platforms designed to meet the stringent power and cooling requirements of today’s most demanding datacentres

The Arista 7500R is an ideal platform for high performance data centre networks and universal spines with internet scale routing scalability.

The CloudVision platform is a software suite of services that deliver further operational simplification of the Arista physical infrastructure.

Arista EOS CloudVision simplifies complex time and resource-intensive tasks in a turnkey software solution designed to help customers move to a more automated, cloud-like infrastructure.

Arista’s CloudVision platform provides network visualization for VMware NSX and F5 BIG-IP® virtual and physical appliances. This will simplify operations and boost IT efficiency by enabling application catalogue self-service.